New Pictures! Boston, The Charles River, and a Sunset

I took some (what I believe are) amazing shots of the Prudential Center in Boston across the Charles River also capturing The Longfellow Bridge during a sunset.  I love the old small boat on the short dock in the lower left of the photograph.  I also love how the colors of the sunset stand out so well against the blue ice and water.

This photograph was born because I was working late, yes I have a day job, and I noticed the sun was starting to set as I left my office in Cambridge, MA.  I grabbed my camera and walked a few blocks to the Charles River.  After stopping by my usual spots, I noticed the small boat, dock, bridge, buildings, and it all came together.

I used a long exposure, small ISO (to keep the noise down), and combined two exposures to get the final results.  Believe it or not, I do not own Photoshop (yet).  I try to only make small edits to bring out the natural colors from my RAW images.

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